Our Small Trailer

At the start of our camping adventures we thought our car would be big enough.
As it worked out, it was not, even with the 3 rear seats totally removed
so we then bought a large roof box.

This caused us a few problems as the car was now almost 7 foot high
meaning the car would not fit under the height barriers at most car parks.

We then bought a 5 foot by 3 foot trailer and retired the roof box.

As most of you will know, my wife Linda likes her comforts, so after
spending a lot of time and money putting a lockable lid on the trailer,
we then shelled out again,
this time buying a made to measure waterproof cover, ......
and of course, Linda had to have it made in Red....

Then we found out that it was too low to see out the car rear window
so we added 2 fold up spikes which have pretty stars on the ends. . . .
I won't say who decided on them

Although the trailer can hold most of our camping equipment we have found that repacking it to go home or moving to another site is not as easy as packing it when we are preparing to start on a trip. so....

I had to get the roof box out of storage and put it on top of the trailer.

plus we bought a cover for the spare wheel

The roof box already had our stickers in place
so it fitted in quite well with the rest of the logos

I am hoping this story is coming to an end but ....

I think it will continue as things progress
and Linda decides she wants more alterations done ...

Suggestions are Welcome