Hi Gear - Rock 4

In our first venture into camping we looked around
at various tents and suppliers, deciding on visiting a company in Edinburgh.

They had a good deal on
a sensible size tent which was
the Hi Gear Rock 4.

Although there are only two of us,
reading various forums etc.
it seems 2 people, if going for longer
than a couple of days,
should go for a 3 or 4 person tent.

We decided that a four person tent would give us enough room
and be better for a longer trips.
We also purchased what they call a canopy,
an add-on that gave the tent and extra front area
which would serve as a cooking and storage area.

The total length of tent works out at 20 feet from front to back....

This tent has served us well in the past year with a trip to France
and another trip back to France and then up into Holland

Suggestions are Welcome