Our Stay at Lauder
Due to the forecast showing our original destination of Fort William to be due almost a week of rain and we were concerned the tent would be packed away rather wet, we changed this trip destination to Lauder Campsite in the Scottish Borders. The forecast for this location looked a little better, and when Linda phoned to check the site details she was pleasantly informed the campsite does not get rain, they get wet sunshine.
As this was our first trip with a new tent and a modification we have done to the car we started to load the car on the Monday. A bonus of our car design is the rear seats can totally removed which we have done but ....
even with the extra space we still had to put the roof box back on.

On reflection we have doubled the tent bag and the same for the awning bag.
Seems like loading the car was more of a dream than reality.
We were going to sell the roof box at the start of next season but that plan is also changed. We did get everything loaded plus we have a few ideas for small modifications we will do during the winter so next season will be a walk in the park.


We set off in plenty of time but after 15 minutes into the journey Linda said she had forgot the tea bags, not a total disaster as the small camp shop sold Tetley so crisis averted. Set up our tent without much of a problem and Linda put the kettle on only to find she had forgotten the cups. Switch everything off and drive into Lauder, 20 minutes in, and the same back, after we found a shop that sold cups.
Odd thing was, it was the local pharmacy, .... and even better,
she bought cups with pretty kittens on them.

Other than a few small problems we had a good day, the site is good and the staff are very friendly. Another bonus is that we had feared rain but so far it has been very hot and sunny so things are off to a good start.
From a new campers view the site has almost everything you would need, site managers could not be more helpful, nice people staying at the site, nice layout, and not far from Lauder and quite a few other border towns


Another nice day so it was off to Kelso to see a few shops. Linda managed to find a small shop which sold a monkey which worked like a catapult, once fired it yelped as if in pain, to which Linda rolled about the shop laughing. I asked, do you want one, she of course replied Yes. She bought 2, one for Dannii, one for Archie,
and spent the rest of the day checking they worked.
Returning to the site we spent a very pleasant evening with our new neighbours, Malcolm (Shown here on the left) and Christine who are travelling in their motorhome and caravanners David and Carol. A nice meal and few drinks made up a good time being had by all only being terminated by the dropping evening temperature.

Malcolm & Christine's Motorhome alongside David & Carol's Caravan

Next day we had a visit from Jimís brother, Douglas and his wife Sandra, who drove down to see us and have a cuppa. They phoned us saying they had arrived in Lauder but could not find the campsite, the site is actually four miles before Lauder but they had missed the turn off.
We said to wait there and we will find them.
After finding them we suggested lunch in a local hostelry, no moans heard so it was off for lunch. After being fed we all came back to the camp and as the weather was sunny we just sat about, drank tea and chatted, walked around the site, drank tea and chatted, inspected the tent, drank tea and chatted, until it was time for them to return to civilisation.

In the evening we said goodbye to our new friends as they were leaving the site, one heading North and the other going South. We are also leaving but it was nice to chat to such nice people if only for a couple of days. Who knows we may see them again at another site one day in the future.


It was our final day but after such glorious weather yesterday Friday was a total wash out, in more ways than one. We had a small shower of rain in the morning during our dismantling of the bedroom area then it cleared up, only to restart every half hour after that. The rest of the day did not hold out much hope of a break in the weather so we made arrangements to stay over an extra night as it was to be brighter on the Saturday. As we had packed most of our away all we could do was stand and watch the rain starting and stopping. We got fed up waiting and decided to pack up and head for home plus Linda had made arrangements with her pal Sheila on Saturday to go on one of their shopping expeditions. We eventually got home with a wet tent and a wet awning which will take some drying out

We were home an hour when Linda got a text from Sheila
saying can they meet up on Sunday.
Suggestions are Welcome