Our Trip To Holland
Our first few days were spent at Guines campsite a few miles outside the ferry port of Calais. We had arranged to meet up with our new campsite friends from the South of England, Terry and Kevin Fear. We are in a 4 person tent and they have an american winibago but we don't hold that against them.
Here we see Linda standing at our next door neighbours unit with our tent in the background ( small blue item )
We had a few drink and chat nights
before packing our gear,
leaving France, and driving
through Belgium into Holland.
Although the journey and roads were fine the campsite was not ideal. Linda had booked a pitch with electric included but the camp representative could not understand this, you want electricity ... in a tent???. After much discussion we were shown to a small area normally used for caravans, we got the impression that we were hidden away behind some bushes and trees but we were in a corner that was eventually the best of a bad campsite choice. The choice seemed good from the reports we read before booking but they forgot to mention there was a charge for everything, other than the toilet....

As we approached the campsite our GPS advised us to take a right turn, which we could not see so we drove past and looked for a suitable place to turn around. This took us along a road that had a wide canal on one side with some nice houses on the far bank. Most of us have cars at our door but these houses had boats at theirs, and some were quite large ones. At the next junction we turned off this road into a small village, and found a car park big enough to turn round without causing a problem. This became a bonus as it was beside a bridge over the canal which looked interesting but finding the campsite was the first priority.
We did not see the entrance on first aproach because the entrance is below the road we were on and behind some trees, okay when you know but ....

We had arranged to drive up to Swifterbant to visit our friends, Billy and Gerda, who took us to the town square market and gave us nice afternoon out.

Deciding to stay over, the following day our hosts took us to a very scenic dutch village called Volendam, which is a really nice place to spend the day just stolling around.

We returned home around 5pm, but unfortunately the trip back would
take us over an hour we had to leave and get back to the campsite.

Our plan was to take the metro into Amsterdam, but after staying with our friends who advised us that if we were going there that I should not take my camera and Linda should not take her handbag, we decided to pass on a visit to the Dutch capital.

As an alternative we decided to check out the small village we had stumbled across while trying to find the campsite entrance. It was the perfect day, we stood in the sunshine on the edge of the canal and could see these houses and the bridge close up but even better was a small cafe at the end of the car park. sitting outside in fine weather with a snack, life does not get any better....
We had just started our quick snack when the bridge started to lift. A quick jump to my feet and a dash to the canal bank as a boat was approaching.
I watched that for quite a while and then returned to the table, ordered our ice creams (which were large) covered in crushed nuts and continued our sitting in the sun....
Wanting to find the large windmill we drove across the bridge and followed the road which became narrower and narrower. Eventually we found the windmill which turned out to be of historical importance to the area due to pumping water into the surrounding fields.

It was not long before it was time to catch the ferry for the UK
so it was off to the DFDS ferry port for an overnight sailing
to Newcastle and home.
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