Our Trip To France
It could not have been better as we left the U.K. The sun was out and the sea was calm and things could have been better for our short trip to France.
The view as we looked back to the White Cliffs of Dover was excellent and although this was a short break we were really looking forward to it

Our first few days were spent at Guines campsite a few miles outside the ferry port of Calais. Once again we had arranged to meet up with our campsite friends, Terry and Kevin Fear, from the South of England. We are in a 4 person tent and they have an american winibago and this is a newer one than before

Our first excursion was into the local village of Guines which has a museum of the history the village and if you are ever there, it is well worth a visit

Standing in the museum doorway is a guard of old.

Here we can see Linda standing beside him so you can see they were quite big in olden days France.

Linda, as always could not resist sitting on his knee and he seemed to like her knee as well

Then she hid behind a portrait but I dont think it worked as well as she expected
And as always,
her chosen knight
came to the rescue

Next on the "must visit" list was the village of Boulogne-sur-Mer which has a quaint French feel about it although a bit overrun with cafes. Linda could not resist playing the children's game drawn on the slabs outside the government buildings (shown above)


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